Tanks Coatings & Linings are required for the following purpose

  • Chemical-resistant Coatings & Solvent-resistant Coatings & Linings for Tanks, Flooring and Secondary Containment
  • This standard gray material has been the workhorse of the tank lining industry for over 25 years. It has a good chemical resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 140 F
  • Highly chemical resistant epoxy grout that provides a compressive strength five times greater than Portland cement
  • Self-priming epoxy phenolic glass flake filled coating designed for use in highly corrosive environments subject to abrasion & chemical resistance as well as exhibiting excellent heat resistance. FDA & Potable Water Compliant
  • Two component, high solids, chemically resistant, elastomeric polysulfide sealant for tank exteriors. USDA Compliant

Variety of Tanks

Types of TanksSubstrate TypeOur Products
Water Tank for Drinking & Portable Water(M.S., Concrete)Ep 100% FG
Water Tank for Drinking & Portable Water(M.S., Concrete, Fibre)Ep Coal Tar
ETP (Enviroment Treatment Plants)(M.S., Concrete, Fibre)Ep Coal Tar, Ep FC Primer & FC Top Coat
Chemical Tanks(M.S., Concrete, Fibre)Ep Paint & Primers Ep FC Primer & FC Top Coat
Petroleum Storage Tanks(M.S)Ep ZR Primer, Epoxy MIO & PU & EP topcoats
Vegetable Oil Storage Tanks(M.S., Concrete)Ep 100% FG
Transportation Storage Tanks(M.S.)Ep & PU
Gasoline Tanks(M.S.)Ep

List of Coating Products & Application

Product NameApplicationProducts
Epoxy Tank lining (Solvent free)Internal coating designed for potable water applications & water storage tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Recommended for use on structural steel, tank interiors and exteriors, pipes, concrete floors and concrete block walls. The coating has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
2801 – Epxoy FG Clear
2802 – Epoxy FG Shades
3001 – Epoxy Crack filler liquid
3002 - Foodgrade
water tanks internal coating
High Solids, High Build Epoxy (Tar Free)Internal coating designed for raw water, effluent, waste water and salt water applications. Designed for use on tank interiors, exteriors and various storage and containment vessels (steel and concrete). Resists petroleum products (crude, sour crude, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluids, etc.), brine and other salt solutions, detergents and lubricants. Shows good resistance to 20% HCL in the presence of aromatic solvents (Xylene, etc). Ideal for oil field frac tanks.
Epoxy tank lining (Tar Free)Internal coating designed for trade waste, sludge and waste water with hydrocarbon applications.
Phenolic epoxyInternal coating designed for hot fresh or salt water applications up to 100 degree Celsius.
Epoxy Coal Tar Tank liningSTP & ETP Plants, Chemical Storage Tanks

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