Corrosion challenges for liquid and gas storage

  • Liquid and gas storage have significant similarities as well as differences, and Taralac is focused on tailoring solutionsinside and outside the tanks in order to suit the needs from a technical point of view whilst still trying to keep the operation of painting simple, and where possible having similar products reducing the risk of mistakes. Gas storage will most often have insulation; regardless of steel or stainless steel the external surfaces should be coated. During out of operation periods condensation can form on the surface and corrosion may occur, in the case of stainless steel chlorides may contaminate the surface leading to chloride embrittlement and subsequent failure.

    • Exploration & Production
    • Storage
    • Transportation Infrasutrcture
    • Refining infrastructure
  • For Oil & Gas the above fields require coatings, & for above all fields we provide the coatings. For more information you can contact us or visit our website.

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