Machinery OEM & Maintainence Coatings

OEM : The chart for environmental conditions & corrosion protection products is given above in the point number 3.3. Maintenance : The site condition & degree of damage due to environmental effects on metal & the condition of already coated paint has to be understood deeply to get the best results. Also the effort to remove old paint form the corners & recoating is highly difficult & labour intensive & requires very strict supervision & observation

OEM : Machinery parts which are to be sold to customers has to be protected from corrosion till it reaches the customer, for that we offer various products ranging from bituminous to vinyl coatings which offers temporary protection Maintenance : During the course of maintenance certain parts has to be masked or during monsoon certain exposed parts has to be coated with temporary coatings. Temporary coatings may be of bituminous, acrylic or vinyl type.

OEM : Along with protection aesthetic values of machines are also very important, various types of Top coatings are available to increase the looks of the machine. They may be of type Epoxy, PU, Auto finishes etc as per the requirement of the customer. Maintenance : After protection by primers topcoats of type Epoxy, PU, Auto finishes etc as per the requirement of the customer are applied to revive the old worn out machines. We at taralac provide all type of coatings required for maintenance of machines

OEM : We provide all range of Coatings required by OEM manufacturers for machine coatings as per the customers requirement & the protection requirement. Maintenance : Regular & timely interval maintenance decreases maintenance cost & application of High quality paint may escalate the cost for one time but increases the maintainance period in term will cost cheaper.

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