Item CodeItem NameCarton SizeSales UMOPacking TypePack SizePack UOM
142102141231086Syn Black Board Green | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142102141232087Syn Black Board Green | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142102141233088Syn Black Board Green | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142102141234089Syn Black Board Green | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142102141235090Syn Black Board Green | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142105141131209Syn Chasis Red | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142105141132211Syn Chasis Red | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142105141133213Syn Chasis Red | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142105141134215Syn Chasis Red | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142105141135217Syn Chasis Red | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142108140631285Syn Black Board Paint | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142108140631286Syn Matt Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142108140632287Syn Black Board Paint | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142108140632288Syn Matt Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142108140633289Syn Black Board Paint | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142108140633291Syn Matt Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142108140634292Syn Black Board Paint | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142108140634294Syn Matt Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142108140635295Syn Black Board Paint | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142108140635297Syn Matt Black | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142108140731298Syn Semi Glossy Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142108140732299Syn Semi Glossy Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142108140733300Syn Semi Glossy Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142108140734301Syn Semi Glossy Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142108140735302Syn Semi Glossy Black | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142108140831303Syn Enamel Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142108140832304Syn Enamel Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142108140833305Syn Enamel Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142108140834306Syn Enamel Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142108140835307Syn Enamel Black | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142108140931308Gp Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142108140932309Gp Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142108140933310Gp Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142108140934311Gp Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142108141131312Syn Chasis Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142108141132313Syn Chasis Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142108141133314Syn Chasis Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142108141134315Syn Chasis Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142108141135316Syn Chasis Black | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142108145235317Gp Black | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142109141131320Syn Chasis Grey | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142109141132321Syn Chasis Grey | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142109141133322Syn Chasis Grey | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142109141134323Syn Chasis Grey | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142109141135324Syn Chasis Grey | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142113140331450Syn Aluminium Paint | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142113140332451Syn Aluminium Paint | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142113140333001Syn Aluminium Paint [Raj Metal] | P6TINSCARTON1L
142113140333452Syn Aluminium Paint | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142113140334453Syn Aluminium Paint | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142113140335454Syn Aluminium Paint | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142117140131460Syn Clear Varnish | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142117140132461Syn Clear Varnish | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142117140133462Syn Clear Varnish | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142117140134463Syn Clear Varnish | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142117140135464Syn Clear Varnish | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
142308145230005Gp Black | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
223608220131001Syn Rubber Coat | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
223608220132002Syn Rubber Coat | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
223608220133003Syn Rubber Coat | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
223608220134004Syn Rubber Coat | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
223608220135005Syn Rubber Coat | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
223608220155006Syn Rubber Coat | 200lt1BARRELBARREL200L
223608220431013Syn Laccolite Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
223608220432014Syn Laccolite Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
223608220433015Syn Laccolite Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
223608220434016Syn Laccolite Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
223608220435017Syn Laccolite Black | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
254208250131001Syn Chimney Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
254208250132002Syn Chimney Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
254208250133003Syn Chimney Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
254208250134004Chimney Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
326308315031001Syn Wire Enl Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
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