Item CodeItem NameCarton SizeSales UMOPacking TypePack SizePack UOM
10718040755043Thinner Tp13 | 200lt1BARRELBARREL200L
10718040756040Thinner Tp13 | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10718040756045Thinner Tp13 (With Token) | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10718040758041Thinner Tp13 | 5lt4CANCARTON5L
10718040760042Thinner Tp13 | 1lt6BOTTLECARTON1L
10718040760044Thinner Tp13 (With Token) | 1lt9BOTTLECARTON1L
10718041110001PU Universal Thinner | P6LooseOpen1L
10718041155001PU Universal Thinner | 200lt1BarrelOpen200L
10718041156001PU Universal Thinner | 20lt1DrumDrum20L
10718041159001PU Universal Thinner | 5lt4BottleCarton5L
10718041161001PU Universal Thinner | 1lt12BottleCarton1L
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