Item CodeItem NameCarton SizeSales UMOPacking TypePack SizePack UOM
10302020531004Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Green | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10302020532005Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Green | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10302020533006Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Green | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10302020534007Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Green | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10302020535008Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Green | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
10303020531009Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Yellow | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10303020531018Syn Zcp Redder Yellow | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10303020532010Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Yellow | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10303020532017Syn Zcp Redder Yellow | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10303020533011Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Yellow | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10303020533016Syn Zcp Redder Yellow | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10303020534012Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Yellow | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10303020534015Syn Zcp Redder Yellow | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10303020535013Syn Zinc Ch. Primer Yellow | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
10303020535014Syn Zcp Redder Yellow | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
10304020431019Auto Oil Primer Brown | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10304020432020Auto Oil Primer Brown | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10304020433021Auto Oil Primer Brown | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10304020434022Auto Oil Primer Brown | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10304020435023Auto Oil Primer Brown | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
10304020455001Auto Oil Primer Brown | 200lt1BarrelOpen200L
10305020331024Syn Red Oxide | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10305020332025Syn Red Oxide | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10305020333026Syn Red Oxide | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10305020334027Syn Red Oxide | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10305020335028Syn Red Oxide | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
10305020431029Auto Oil Primer Red Oxide | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10306021731030Syn Wood Primer Pink | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10306021732031Syn Wood Primer Pink | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10306021733032Syn Wood Primer Pink | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10306021734033Syn Wood Primer Pink | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10309020631049Syn Zinc Phosp. Pri. Grey | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
10309020632001Syn Zinc Phosphate Primer Grey | 4lt4TinCarton4L
10309020638048Syn Zinc Phosphate Primer Grey | 1lt6TinCarton1L
10309020731050Syn Ps Grey | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
10309020732051Syn Ps Grey | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10309020733052Syn Ps Grey | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10309020734053Syn Ps Grey | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10309020832055Syn Skps Grey | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10309020833056Syn Skps Grey | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10309020834057Syn Skps Grey | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10310020631069syn zcp white | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
10310020633068Syn Zinc Phosphate Primer White | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10310020931070Syn Ps White | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
10310020932071Syn Ps White | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10310020933072Syn Ps White | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10310020934073Syn Ps White | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10310021032074Syn Skps White | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10310021033075Syn Skps White | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10310021034076Syn Skps White | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
10310021731077Syn Wood Primer White | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
10310021732078Syn Wood Primer White | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
10310021733079Syn Wood Primer White | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
10310021734080Syn Wood Primer White | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
142105141131210Syn Red Oxide Glossy | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
142105141132212Syn Red Oxide Glossy | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
142105141133214Syn Red Oxide Glossy | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
142105141134216Syn Red Oxide Glossy | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
223608220231007Syn Anticorrosive Black | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
223608220232008Syn Anticorrosive Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
223608220233009Syn Anticorrosive Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
223608220234010Syn Anticorrosive Black | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
223608220235011Syn Anticorrosive Black | 0.2lt10TINSCARTON0L
223608220255012Syn Anticorrosive Black | 200lt1BARRELBARREL200L
223617220531018Syn Laccolite Clear | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
223617220532019Syn Laccolite Clear | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
223617220533020Syn Laccolite Clear | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
223617220534021Syn Laccolite Clear | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
305108300507001TarPlastic (Crack & Joint Filler) - | 0.2kg10TinCarton0kg
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