Item CodeItem NameCarton SizeSales UMOPacking TypePack SizePack UOM
152503150847001Pu Gm Coat Gol Yellow 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152504150847001Pu Gm Coat Brown 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152505150847099Pu Gm Coat Po Red 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152505150848100Pu Gm Coat Po Red 2Pk | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
152508150847125Pu Gm Coat Black | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152508152346001Pu Gm Coat Matt Black | 5lt4Tin + TinCarton5L
152510150246168Pu Gm Coat White 2 Pk | 5lt4TINSCARTON5L
152510150247177Pu Gm Coat White 2 Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152510150248188Pu Gm Coat White 2Pk | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
152517150745248Pu Gm Coat Clear 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
152517150746249Pu Gm Coat Clear 2Pk | 5lt4TINSCARTON5L
152517150747250Pu Gm Coat Clear 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152517150748251Pu Gm Coat Clear 2Pk | 0.5lt8TINSCARTON1L
152517150847252Pu Gm Deep Orange 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152517151275268Pu Gm Coat Clear 2Pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
152517151276267Pu Gm Coat Clear 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
152517152245001Pu Gm Coat Matt 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
152517152246001Pu Gm Coat Matt 2Pk | 5lt4Tin + TinCarton5L
152517152247001Pu Gm Coat Matt 2Pk | 1lt6Tin + TinCarton1L
152514152347001Pu Gm Coat Torino Red 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152514152347002Pu Gm Coat Cyprus Blue 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152514152347003Pu Gm Coat Violet Mica 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152514152347004Pu Gm Coat Jade Green 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
152514152347005Pu Gm Coat MT Silver 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
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