Item CodeItem NameCarton SizeSales UMOPacking TypePack SizePack UOM
10209010521004Epoxy Putty Grey | 10kg2TINSCARTON10kg
10210010521008Epoxy Putty White | 10kg2TINSCARTON10kg
10217010636001Casting Clear 2pk (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
10217012037001Casting Clear 2pk (2:1) | 6lt4TinCarton6L
233701230576001Epoxy Sb Fc [RAL5015] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233701230576002Epoxy Sb Fc Sky Blue | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233705230576001Epoxy Sb Fc Red 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233708230576001Epoxy Sb Fc Black | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233709230477001Epoxy Sb Fc Smoke Grey 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233901230247001Epoxy Sb Fc Phiroza 2Pk | 1lt6Tin + TinCarton1L
233901230275002Epoxy Sb Fc Aquamarine | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
233901230275003Epoxy Sb Fc Phiroza 2Pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233901230477004Epoxy Sb Fc Blue | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233902230276005Epoxy Sb Fc Opaline Green | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233902230475007Epoxy Sb Fc Bus Green | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
233902230475008Epoxy Sb Fc Mint Green 2pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233902230475009Epoxy Sb Fc Golden Brown | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233902230476009Epoxy Sb Fc Bus Green | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233902230477001Epoxy Sb Fc Mint Green | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233902230477010Epoxy Sb Fc Bus Green | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233903230475011Epoxy Sb Fc Yellow 2Pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233903230476012Epoxy Sb Fc Yellow 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233903230476013Epoxy Sb Fc Zcp Yellow 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233903230477014Epoxy Sb Fc Yellow 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233905230275015Epoxy Sb Fc Red 2Pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233905230477016Epoxy Sb Fc Red 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233909230475001Epoxy Sb Fc Silver Grey 2Pk [Ral7001] | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
233909230475017Epoxy Sb Fc Light Grey 2Pk [Ral7035] | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
233909230475018Epoxy Sb Fc Light Grey 2Pk [Is631] | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233909230476001Epoxy Sb Fc Dark Grey 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233909230476019Epoxy Sb Fc Light Grey 2Pk [Ral7035] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233909230476020Epoxy Sb Fc Light Grey 2Pk [Is631] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233909230476021Epoxy Sb Fc Matt Grey 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233909230477022Epoxy Sb Fc Light Grey 2Pk [Ral7035] | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233909230477023Epoxy Sb Fc Light Grey 2Pk [Is631] | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233910230475023Epoxy Sb Fc White 2Pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233910230476024Epoxy Sb Fc White 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233910230477025Epoxy Sb Fc White 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
233918230275027Epoxy Antiskid Paint 2Pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
233918230276026Epoxy Antiskid Mint Green 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
233918230375028Epoxy Fc Primer 2Pk (2:1) | 30lt1TinDrums30L
233918230377030Epoxy Fc Primer 2Pk (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
234009230576001Epoxy Sb Fc TA Grey 2Pk] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
234018230575001Epoxy SL Oxide Blue 2Pk | 30lt1DRUMDRUM20L
234018230576002Epoxy SL Oxide Blue 2Pk | 4lt4DRUMDRUM4L
234018230577003Epoxy SL Blue 2pk | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
234018230677005Epoxy Antiskid Paint 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
234311230776001Epoxy Antiskid Ivory | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
264001260577001Epoxy French Blue [Is166] 2Pk | 1lt6Tin + TinCarton1L
264001260677001Epoxy Tempo Traveller Blue | 1lt6Tin + TinCarton1L
264008260916001Epoxy Tex Coarse Matt Black 3pk | 4lt4Tin, BoCarton4L
264014260915001Epoxy Tex Coarse Matt Black 3pk | 1lt6Tin, BoCarton1L
264014260918001Epoxy Tex Fine Sky Blue 3pk | 4lt4TinCarton4L
264014260976001Epoxy Tex Fine Light Grey | 4lt4TinCarton4L
264014260976002Epoxy Tex Fine Dark Grey 3pk | 4lt4TinCarton4L
264014260976003Epoxy Tex Fine Black 3pk | 4lt4TinCarton4L
264301260575021Epoxy French Blue [Is166] 2Pk | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
264308260916001Epoxy Tex Coarse Black 3pk | 4lt4Tin, BoCarton4L
264310260445158Epoxy Stoving White | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
264310260476157Epoxy Stoving White | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
264314260976179Epoxy Tex Fine 3Pk | 1lt4TinCarton4L
264314260976180Epoxy Tex Fine Light Grey [RAL7035] 3Pk | 4lt4TinCarton4L
264314260977184Epoxy Tex Coarse Black 3pk | 1lt6Tin, BoCarton1L
284302260676055Epoxy Sb Fc Aquamarine 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
284308280220001Epoxy Fg Black (2:1) | 30lt1TinDrums30L
284318280277001Epoxy SL Dark Grey (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
284703280236001Epoxy Fg Yellow (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
284705280277004Epoxy Fg Red (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
284705280845005Epoxy Mio Coat 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
284705280875008Epoxy Mio Coat 2Pk | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
284705280876006Epoxy Mio Coat 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
284705280877007Epoxy Mio Coat 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
284705280975009Epoxy Antifouling 2Pk | 20lt1DRUMDRUM20L
284705280976010Epoxy Antifouling 2Pk | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
284705280977011Epoxy Antifouling 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
284708280277001Epoxy Fg Black (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
284709280475018Epoxy Zinc Rp [70% Gp Grade] | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
284709280476019Epoxy Zinc Rp [70% Gp Grade] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
284709280477020Epoxy Zinc Rp [70% Gp Grade] | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
284709280575021Epoxy Zinc Rp [35%] | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
284709280576022Epoxy Zinc Rp [35%] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
284709280577023Epoxy Zinc Rp [35%] | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
284709280675024Epoxy Zinc Rp [75%] | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
284709280676025Epoxy Zinc Rp [75%] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
284709280775026Epoxy Zinc Rp [85%] | 20lt1TINSCARTON20L
284709280777027Epoxy Zinc Rp [85%] | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
284710280247029Epoxy Fg White (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
284710280275030Epoxy Fg White (2:1) | 30lt1TinDrums30L
284713280647031Epoxy Zinc Rp [75%] | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
284713280745033Epoxy Zinc Rp [85%] | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
284713280776032Epoxy Zinc Rp [85%] | 4lt4TINSCARTON4L
284717241530034Epoxy Stoving Clear | 25lt1Drum+TinOpen25L
284717280277035Epoxy Fg Clear (2:1) | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
284718280275039Epoxy Fg Shades (2:1) | 30lt1TinDrums30L
284718280276040Epoxy Fg Shades (2:1) | 6lt4TinCarton6L
284718280277041Epoxy SL Blue 2pk | 30lt1TinDrums30L
285618300147001zz Epoxy Crack Filler (2:1) - 3001 | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
294703241630003Epoxy Stoving Gold | 25lt1Drum+TinOpen25L
305117300136001Epoxy Crack Filler - 3001 | 1.5lt6TinCarton2L
305117300138001Epoxy Crack Filler - 3001 | 30lt1TinDrums30L
318517400075015Epoxy Food Lacquer Silver [Sp] | 20lt1DrumOpen20L
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