Item CodeItem NameCarton SizeSales UMOPacking TypePack SizePack UOM
260605260245006Epoxy Gp Redoxide 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
260605260246005Epoxy Gp Redoxide 2Pk | 5lt4TINSCARTON5L
260605260247004Epoxy Gp Redoxide 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
264203275346001Epoxy Gp G.Yellow 2Pk | 5lt4TINSCARTON5L
264208275245001Epoxy Gp Black 2Pk | 25lt1Drum+TinOpen25L
264208275245002Epoxy Gp Genset Black 2Pk | 25lt1Drum+TinOpen25L
264209275645001Epoxy Gp ZR Primer 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264501275245001Epoxy Gp Oxford Blue 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264502275345001Epoxy Gp Mint Green 2Pk | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
264502275345002Epoxy Gp Bus Green 2Pk | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
264503275345001Epoxy Gp G.Yellow 2Pk | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
264503275345004Epoxy Mastic Yellow 2Pk | 25lt1LTRDRUM25L
264503275346003Epoxy Mastic Yellow 2Pk | 5lt4LTRDRUM5L
264503275347002Epoxy Gp G.Yellow 2Pk | 1lt6LTRDRUM1L
264504275345005Epoxy Gp G.Brown 2Pk | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
264505275245001Epoxy Gp PO Red 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264505275245002Epoxy Gp Genset Red 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264505275247006Epoxy Gp Po Red 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
264507275345001Epoxy Gp Dawn Glow 2Pk | 25lt1LTRDRUM25L
264507275345002Epoxy Gp Deep Orange 2Pk | 25lt1LTRDRUM25L
264508275245009Epoxy Gp Coal Tar 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264508275247007Epoxy Gp Black 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
264509275245013Epoxy Gp Light Grey 2Pk | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
264509275245015Epoxy Gp Primer Grey 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264509275245017Epoxy Gp Smoke Grey 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264509275246001Epoxy Gp Oxford Blue 2Pk | 5lt4DRUMDRUM5L
264509275246012Epoxy Gp Light Grey 2Pk | 5lt4TINSCARTON5L
264509275246014Epoxy Gp Primer Grey 2Pk | 5lt4LTRCARTON5L
264509275246016Epoxy Gp Smoke Grey 2Pk | 5lt4DRUMDRUM5L
264509275247010Epoxy Gp Primer Grey 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
264509275247011Epoxy Gp Smoke Grey 2Pk | 1lt1TINSCARTON1L
264510275145020Epoxy Gp White 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
264510275146019Epoxy Gp White 2Pk | 5lt4TINSCARTON5L
264510275147018Epoxy Gp White 2Pk | 1lt6TINSCARTON1L
264511275245001Epoxy Gp Siemens Grey 2Pk | 25lt1DRUMDRUM25L
274505275345001Epoxy Gp Gulf Red 2Pk | 25lt1TINSCARTON25L
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