Industrial Infrastructure And Building

Rust Converter: Rebar Protection Products protect the steel used in reinforced concrete structures around the world.. This is a 2 pack coating applied which protect the rebar’s in 3 ways.

  • It converts the existing rust into oxide & thus inhibits corrosion
  • It forms a very thin layer which protects the rebar and avoids further corrosion
  • Adhesion on coated surface increases to a considerable extent
  • 1st Coat Rust Converter
  • 2nd Coat Epoxy Primers (Grey, Red, Yellow)

(Epoxy, PU, Auto, Syn. Enamel) – as per the protection required. For general protection, many times bituminous coating is applied for cost-effective & temporary protection.

Industrial walls tend to become more dirtier as lot of movements of workforce, movement of materials, use of oil greases and many more extreme environmental conditions exists, specially in the field of food & breavage industries. To stand against such conditions we have developed solvent based 1 pack & 2pack epoxies which forms a non absorptive or anti graffiti type of coating which can withstand such extreme conditions & can make industrial walls more clean & hygienic. Moreover cracks or leakages occour due to vibrations of machines & regular putties & primers are unable to solve the problem or re-cracking. Under construction chemicals we have developed Epoxy Putties, Grouts & Crackfill compounds which can solve the problem to a greater extent. High performance epoxy mortar designed as a lightweight repair compound for use on damaged concrete and mineral surfaces in vertical and overhead areas are also developed.

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