Application Procedure

Clean thoroughly the glass bottles with soap solution followed by rinsing with water and draining it. Clean the bottle with thinner for finish & handle the bottle with jigs only.

Apply required Taralac GlassCoat finish paint colour or clear by spray only after mixing with thinner for finish. Allow it to dry over night for 12 hrs.If stoving Glass & metal coat is applied, stove the coating after giving flash off time.

If stoving glass & metal coat is applied, stov the coating after giving glash off time.


  • Flexibility of producing bottles in clear glass and then coating them with polyurethane as they are held in jig
  • Capability of being coated in smaller production sizes of 1000, bottles while conventional system of pigmenting requires large batch orders
  • Short Curing Periods
  • Glasscoat is available in primary colors which are intermiscible to product infinite colour options.
  • Excellent durability due to structural reinforcement of the substrate offered by PU technology.
  • The finish also effectively masks any inherent defects of the glass.
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance
  • Stringent testing by immersion in Iso-Propyl Alcohol, Methanol etc. Without any deviation.
  • Creating incredible textured finishes such as 'soft touch,' and 'leather’
  • Isolating spray colors to specific panels on the bottle, adding beautiful dimension to the decoration
  • Applying masks to create clear 'dropped out' sections on sprayed bottles
  • Achieving specialty looks such as metallic, luster or pearled finishes in any color
  • Spraying translucent, opaque and frosted finishes as well as color gradations and fades
  • Spraying up to 12 different colors in-line, achieving complex spray coating finishes cost effectively

Properties of Glass & Metal Coat(PU & Stoving)

Adhesion by cross cut – IS 101Passes
Gloss at 60 C90 – 92
Heat Resistance 100 C for 4 hrsPasses
Intermettent heating from room temp. to 70 C for 3 monthsPasses
Pensil Hardness (ASTM 3363)Passes H
Iso Propyl Alcohol Immersion TestPasses 24 hrs
40% Alcohol Immersion TestPasses 24 hrs
Perfume Immersion TestPasses 24 hrs
Perfume Wipe Spray TestPasses
Dioctyl Phthalate Immersion Test (30 min)Passes
QUV TestPasses
IPA / 10 RubsPasses
Perfume 10 RubsPasses
IPA boiling test for 30 minPasses

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