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TARALAC offers a wide range of premium products with wood finishes to meet the unique requirements of our customers, by the country’s and the region’s regulations. As some of the best wood coating manufacturers, our product portfolio ranges from basic wood polishing materials to advanced wood coating solutions. Our products cover the entire spectrum of wood coating processes like preparation of wood, sealing or priming, tinting, and topcoats.

The products targeted within the mass market of wood coatings consist of wood fillers, lacquers, sealers, stains, Melamine, and PU topcoats, in single as well as a two-component system. With such wide range of wood coatings products customers gain excellent finish at an affordable cost.

As wood coating manufacturers, we also provide premium wood coating systems. We bring to you PU range of products based on Italian coating systems, that cover all your coating needs for luxurious furniture.

We have also introduced a new 0% VOC product range by the brand name “NatureCoat”. Naturecoat does not require any surface preparation and can work with one single coat! Its unique technology forms a molecular bond with some of the topmost fibres of wood, allowing you to have durable, long-lasting protection.

Know your Timber & Types of wood
Before choosing your stain or clear finishes, it is important to know about the timber you have selected. Each of the popular timbers has characteristics that could affect the final outcome of your job & determine your choice of our products. Hardwoods & Softwoods, Heartwood & Sapwood, Grain & Knots, Cutting Wood, Extractives, Modified Woods, Chipboard, Plywood, MDF.

Taralac Wood Coating Brochure

Areas Of Application

The broad description of basic areas of application can be defined as below
  • Building (Joinery, Cladding, Fencing, Flooring)
  • Furniture (Knock-down, Assembeld)
  • The Furniture section can be further divided as below
  • Interior Furniture Coating
  • Exterior Furniture Coating
  • Coating of floors
  • Recoat of Old worn timber
  • Antique finishes
  • Kitchen Cabinet Coating
  • Sports Goods Wood Coating
  • Rich Coloured coating
  • Guitars Coating
  • Swimming or Damp Area Coating
  • Lamination Finish

Types Of Finishing Required

Types of finishing required depends on what properties you require
  • Durability
  • Penetration
  • Mechanical Resistance
  • Moisture Movement & Permeability
Tips For Wood Coating

Before you start

The starting point is to decide what kind of finish you want. Once decided, refer to the Application Product Guide to determine which product you need, and use the Product Calculator to determine how much you will need to complete the job. Remember that the timber type will affect how much product is required e.g., softwoods can reduce coverage rates by up to 50%. Also, remember to collect the appropriate equipment before you start.
A professional looking finish depends on how well you prepare the timber. Inadequate preparation, especially sanding, can result in a rough, patchy finish. Most of all, timber needs careful sanding to remove scratches etc., as all imperfections are magnified when coated.

Clean : The surface must be dry and free from any traces of dust, dirt, wax, grease and oil.

Fill : With Taralac Wood Putty, matched to the colour of the timber. Do not use linseed oil putty or wax Sand : It is important that all the old coating is removed to ensure penetration of the new stain or adhesion of the clear finish. Rough sand first to remove any old coating, followed by a finer sand for a smooth finish. Follow the grid below for suggested paper grades for the best result. Always sand along the direction of the wood grain. Lightly sand raw timber to allow the product to penetrate and achieve a smooth, even finish.

Wipe : Remove all sanding dust by wiping the surface thoroughly after sanding. Wash the surface with mineral turpentine (for oil-based finishes) or methylated spirits (for water-based finishes). Allow to dry completely before proceeding.
Hand sanding 120 grade180 - 280 grade280 - 320 grade
Orbital/belt sander100 grade180 - 280 grade280 - 320 grade
Handy Hint

Before staining absorbent timbers like Pine with Woodcraft Stain, wet timber with a damp rag to stop stain from 'grabbing' quickly, making the product more workable and giving a more even result.

  • Nailing And Puttying Floorboards

    Before sanding, punch nails at least 3mm below the surface. Once the boards are sanded smooth, apply the first coat of clear, fill holes and cracks liberally with Wood Tone Putty and allow to dry. Remove the excess putty with the next fine sand and you're ready for coating!

  • Sanding Old Floors

    If your floors are old and have layers of varnish on them which need removing, or have 'cupped' at the edges, making the floor uneven, use a heavy grit sandpaper on the sanding machine, working diagonally across the boards and timber grain. This will remove the majority of the old coating as well as even out the boards so subsequent sands give a perfect finish.

  • Sandwich' Staining

    After the first coat, you can enhance the colour of the floor with WB wood stain or SB Interior Stain by adding up to 10% stain to the clear base, then applying coats until you achieve the desired shade. Finish with a clear top coat.


Taralac wood stainers are fade resistant as well as fast drying. Taralac Wood Stainers has been formulated specifically to impart color to wood. They are high-quality solvent-based stainers. They offer uniform penetration along with a depth and clarity of tone that emphasizes the natural pattern and character of the wood grain. They can be used on all kinds of wood veneer and Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF) surfaces and also for application with lacquers.

TARALAC Wood stainers are available in Brown Mahagony, Dark Brown, Dark Red Mohagany, Dark Walnut, Red 3B, Antique Pine, Black, Blue, Brown Mohagony, Dark Walnut, Fire Red, Light Oak, Rosewood Red, Yellow, White, Grey colour shades.

Ideal for Universal application, hand wiping, spraying.

  • Wood Filler
  • Lacquer Clear
  • NC WW Lacquer ( Water White Clear)
  • NC Hi-Gloss Lacquer
  • NC Lacquer Matt Satin 40%
  • NC Lacquer Matt 15%
  • NC Shades
  • Sanding Sealer
  • RTU Lacquer (60s 90%)
  • RTU Lacquer (25s 80%)
  • RTU Lacquer Matt (25s 35%)
  • RTU Lacquer Matt (25s 10%)
  • RTU Lacquer (PCG)
  • RTU Lacquer (Optical)
  • RTU Sealer (60s)

Wood is a fibrous element & is hygroscopic hence it may swell & shrink in different seasons. To avoid such difficulty the grains of wood has to be filled with the above mentioned products. Also, the pores of nails & big dents are to be filled, which can be done with wood filler. Taralac Lacquer clear / Sanding sealer is extensively used for polishing of wooden furniture. It has good levelling as well as filling property & offers good adhesion to wood & other substrate. It is a clear liquid, highly viscous, non-hazy & pale yellow, thereby maintaining the natural looks of the wood. Taralac Lacquer clear / Sanding sealer is ahigh quality, quick drying clear lacquer. It is recommended for interior wooden furniture. You can use Taralac Lacquer clear / Sanding sealer to get Glossy, Matt or Satin finish.

Products :

  • Mel Glossy 2Pk
  • Mel Glossy (Gold)
  • Mel Matt 70%
  • Mel Matt 35%
  • Mel Matt 15%
  • Mel Matt 5%
  • Mel Matt (Gold) 35%
  • Mel Sealer
  • Mel Sealer (Gold)
  • Melamine Shades
  • Melamine Matt Shades
  • Melamine Jet Black
  • Melamine Matt Jet Black

Taralac Melamine is an acid curing the premium melamine coating. It is specifically formulated as a protective and decorative clear finishing for wood. It provides excellent resistance to oil, food and beverage stains & protects the wood from heat, water, termites, tea & coffee, food, and hot beverages stains for years. It forms a hard & scratch resistant coating having excellent heat and dimensional stability, and solvent resistance. All these products are used as per the desired end result.


  • Silkwood Clear
  • Silkwood Shades
  • Silkwood Matt
  • Silkwood Clear(Exterior)

TARALAC Silkwood finish is single pack and provides PU finish. It is very easy to apply. It’s synthetic thinner soluble & highly water resistant. This product is best suited for a DIY concept.

TARALAC SIlkwood finish is available in Dark Walnut, Oak Yellow, Rosewood Red, Red Brown, Cherry Red colour shades.


  • Pu Woodcoat Glossy (4:1)
  • Pu Woodcoat Sealer (4:1)
  • Pu Woodcoat Matt (5%,25%,35%) (4:1)
  • Pu Hs Glossy (4:1)
  • Pu Hs Matt/ Sealer (4:1)
  • Pu Hs Matt 35%

Taralac PU Wood Finish is a two-component polyurethane sealer and topcoat. Polyurethane coatings are particularly recommended for application to surfaces subject to high levels of wear-and-tear, where excellent chemical/physical resistance is required. It can be applied to all kinds of wood, veneers, and MDFs. It provides a durable finish with far superior gloss, hardness and non-yellowing qualities. Taralac PU clear wood finish is a coating that gives the wood an aesthetic appeal and protects it from heat, water, moisture, climatic changes, termites, tea and coffee stains. It forms tough durable coat with exceptional chemical and mechanical properties. It also gives high impact resistance to allow it to absorb any dimensional changes in the substrate thus ensuring an ideal balance of functional properties.


  • PU Int MDF Filler white (2:1)
  • PU Int Sealer (2:1)
  • PU Int Clear (2:1)
  • PU Int Matt (15%) (2:1)
  • PU Int Matt (35%) (2:1)
  • PU Int Matt Black (2:1)
  • PU Int White (2:1)
  • PU Pr MDF Filler white (2:1)
  • PU Pr Sealer (2:1)
  • PU Pr Clear (2:1)
  • PU Pr Matt (15%) (2:1)
  • PU Pr Matt (35%) (2:1)
  • PU Pr White (2:1)
  • PU Pr Matt White (2:1)
  • Isolant Primer

TARALAC PU Italian finish is a premium two-component aliphatic polyurethane Paint. It provides a durable finish with far superior gloss, hardness & good Adhesion.It forms a tough durable coat with exceptional chemical and mechanical properties. The tough coating also gives high impact resistance and allows it to absorb any dimensional changes in the substrate thus ensuring an ideal balance of functional properties. This PU is best suited for limited exposure to sunlight.

Features of PU Italian finish:
  • Fast Drying
  • Versatility and ease of use
  • Spray application
  • Excellent chemical/physical resistance
  • Excellent aesthetic quality
  • Excellent transparency

TARALAC NatureCoat is a premium wood coatings product range, it offers a healthy, non-toxic alternative to conventional wood coating products. This product is available in one component and two-component system, with unique technology it gives wood natural open-grain touch- feel and easy to clean & maintain.

Our NatureCoat wood finish range includes Undercoats and Topcoats, which further includes, Gloss, Satin, Varnish Stains, Oils and Waxes.

Mentioned below are some of its properties:

• Low VOC
• Negligible aromatic content
• Highest standard of indoor air quality
• Chemical components restriction
• Zero health hazard
• Maximum performance
• Decent shine
• Natural look
• A touch of tradition
• Not required surface preparation
• Work in a single layer
• Build-up multi-layer coats for the well-finished product


TARALAC French POLISH is formulated with pure bleached shellac and other additives to provide a luxurious smooth finish to wood. Salient features of this product are excellent flow, levelling, wetting, quick drying & smooth finish. Successive coats of TARALAC French polish can be applied in shorter intervals enabling the polishers to finish job quickly. It is easy to apply & maintain new look for years.

The attractive features of the product are
  • Easy in application for new and pre - polished wood.
  • Fast drying at ambient temperature.
  • Retains beauty of wood.
  • Enhance gloss, build & especially polishing properties.
  • Good flexibility.
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