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Transportation Infrastructure as the term describes, transport of material from one place to other, by means of,
  • Pipelines
  • Trucks & Commercial Vehicles
  • Tankers
  • Railways
  • Marine Ways
Coating systems are available to protect and finish all types of substrates including metallic cementitious plastic laminates and timber. Each coating system is designed to achieve optimum protection and finishing of the substrate with a minimum number of coats thereby reducing the overall cost and time of the coating process.

Pipelines these days are the cheapest and economically profitable way of transport, to protect the pipelines from environmental factors such as corrosion is the most important factor in pipeline coatings. Pipes passes through various extreme environments like moisture, Sunlight, Salt Water & many more factors & protection of these pipes is the most difficult task. Variety of products transported these days through

  • Crude Oil
  • LNG & PNG Gas
  • Portable water
  • Sewage lines

We at Taralac offer some of the few coatings relating to pipes.

  • Epoxy Food Grade internal lining for potable water
  • Epoxy Putty for sealing the welding joints
  • Polyurethane topcoat for industrial pipes in the exterior environment
  • Epoxy primers

Transportation through trucks is a flexible means of logistics & are very important in our day to day life. We offer a full automotive range for the coatings of Trucks & Commercial vehicles to protect the Vehicles from Corrosion Protection & Aesthetic looks. We have a coating range as follows.

  • Underbody Paint & Chassis Paints
  • Engine Coatings
  • Putties & Primers
  • Base Coats
  • Topcoats & Clears
    • Epoxy Food Grade internal lining for potable water
    • Epoxy Putty for sealing the welding joints
    • Polyurethane topcoat for industrial pipes in the exterior environment
    • Epoxy primers

We are the supplier to many of the OEM & Refinish Manufacturers & we strictly adhere to the quality standards as required by the industry.

Tankers again are similar to the Commercial vehicle’s except, that they are made to carry liquids & Gases or various types, which have moisture, hence highly prone to corrosion. We provide many coatings for the internal & external coatings required for tankers. Materials usually carried in tankers are.

  • Solvents
  • Edible Oils
  • Gases
  • Milk & Water for drinking

Taralac Melamine is an acid curing the premium melamine coating. It is specifically formulated as a protective and decorative clear finishing for wood. It provides excellent resistance to oil, food and beverAll these tankers require special types of internal coating, such as Edible oil, Milk & Water require food Grade approved coating as it may be used for human consumption. We offer Food Grade Epoxies that can be applied in these tankers. For tankers carrying Solvents & Gases, high chemical resistance coatings are required which do not affect the coating film.

Railways are a major mode of transport as it carries hundreds of tonnes of load at a time & minimum environmental effect. Hence to protect the Rail infrastructure lot has to be done to maintain, we offer various coatings required to regularly maintain the infrastructure.

  • Various Synthetic Enamels
  • Epoxies
  • Polyurethane

Ships continuously remain in water & are under constant attack from moisture, saltwater, marine organisms, high powered water splash and other such extreme climatic conditions. To protect it from such conditions, heavy duty marine coatings are required to maintain the ships. We suggest good quality anticorrosive, antifouling paints for extreme climatic conditions. These coating systems provide both productivity benefits for the shipyard and also superior performance for the owner.

Anti-fouling paints offer protection against vegetable and animal growth which can lead to increased resistance requiring additional power, hence fuel, to maintain the same speed. The greater the time spent at sea the higher the fouling; but areas of operation and seasons also decide the amount of fouling, and with modern anti-fouling compounds the problem today can be addressed properly.Good surface preparation is essential to a successful painting, the primary cause of many paint failures being the inadequacy of the initial material preparation. It is particularly important before painting new steel that any mill scale should be removed. Mill scale is a thin layer of iron oxides which forms on the steel surface during hot rolling of the plates and sections. Not only does the non-uniform mill scale set up corrosion cells as illustrated previously, but it may also come away from the surface removing any paint film applied over it.

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