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TARALAC Glass & Metal Coat Paints has excellent ability to adhere to the substrates which are non porus & are difficult to adhere. It also had good resistance to alcohol & petrol resistance.

TARALAC PU & Stoving Glass & Metal Coat coating is specifically developed for coatings on Glass, Non Metals (such as Copper, Brass, Aluminium), Stone & Pavers for anti chip finish & for giving aesthetic look & long term durability from UV Sunlight & atmospheric degradations.

These Glass coatings are offered in both colour concentrates as well as clear finishes through which various shades & finishes can be achieved ( Eg: Frost, Transluscent, Transparent ,etc.,).

We at TARALAC manufacture about 250 different variety of products, which are consumed in various fields & fulfills, aesthetic or decorative requirements, Hi performance applications, Functional coating requirements, Hygiene Requirements, Infrastructure Protection or for Corrosion Protection.

Continual product development has been a feature of our Company's growth. Technology has improved enormously in areas such as UV resistance, durability, ease of application & scuff resistance. However, one thing remains unchanged, the care and attention we pay to every aspect of our manufacturing process.

Care & attention to our customer needs have resulted in the publication of this brochure, designed to present our products in a helpful and constructive format. We trust you will find it informative and retain it as handy reference. For further reference about Taralac Products & their application, please refer to our website or call our customer care number.

This application guide is intended to provide you with safety, preparation, application, finishing & maintenance information in order to provide you with reliable & professional results. We have not provided the technical data sheets of the products here, you can procure the TDS, MSDS & DFU (directions for use) from the contact information given below or from our website. Our website or is the most up to date resource to know about the TARALAC & its products & the latest developments.

Various types of Glass & Metal coatings

  • PU Glass & Metal Coat Clear

  • PU Glass & Metal Coat Shades

  • Stoving Glass & Metal Coat

  • NC Colours

  • Wood Stainers / Dye Stains

Uses :

  • Perfume Bottles

  • Liquor Bottles

  • Old & New Glass Paintings

  • Stones, Marble & Kota Stones

  • Copper, Brass & Aluminium Wares

Application Procedure

Clean thoroughly the glass bottles with soap solution followed by rinsing with water and draining it. Clean the bottle with thinner for finish & handle the bottle with jigs only.

Apply required Taralac GlassCoat finish paint colour or clear by spray only after mixing with thinner for finish. Allow it to dry over night for 12 hrs.

If stoving Glass & metal coat is applied, stove the coating after giving flash off time.

If NC paints are applied for Opaque coating & NC Clears can be applied for stain glass painting, mixing it with various Dye Stains of Our Wood Stainers.

Benefits Of Using Glass & Metal Coat

  • Flexibility of producing bottles in clear glass and then coating them with polyurethane as they are held in jig.
  • Capability of being coated in smaller production sizes of 1000, bottles while conventional system of pigmenting requires large batch orders
  • Short Curing Periods
  • Glasscoat is available in primary colors which are intermiscible to product infinite colour options.
  • Excellent durability due to structural reinforcement of the substrate offered by PU technology.
  • The finish also effectively masks any inherent defects of the glass.
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance
  • Stringent testing by immersion in Iso-Propyl Alcohol, Methanol etc. Without any deviation.
  • Creating incredible textured finishes such as 'soft touch,' and 'leather’
  • Isolating spray colors to specific panels on the bottle, adding beautiful dimension to the decoration
  • Applying masks to create clear 'dropped out' sections on sprayed bottles
  • Achieving specialty looks such as metallic, luster or pearled finishes in any colory
  • Spraying translucent, opaque and frosted finishes as well as color gradations and fades
  • Spraying up to 12 different colors in-line, achieving complex spray coating finishes cost effectively

Properties Of Glass & Metal Coat(Pu & Stoving)

Adhesion by cross cut – IS 101 Passes
Gloss at 60 C 90 – 92
Heat Resistance 100 C for 4 hrs Passes
Intermettent heating from room temp. to 70 C for 3 months Passes
Pensil Hardness (ASTM 3363) Passes H
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