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Metal containers are a vital part of our lives. They keep beverages cold in hot summer days. They preserve our fruits and vegetables. They provide a safe food supply for our children and pets. They protect the medicines we use to heal our bodies. Life without metal packaging is hard to envision. However, have you ever wondered whether or not it’s safe to consume food that’s been in the can for that long? And if it is, how so?

To preserve & protect the materials packed inside the cans & to improve the outer looks the Packaging Coatings are applied. The coating allows the presence of a protective film which prevents direct contact of the food with the metal of the can. This ensures no hindrance to the food inside and helps reduce spoilage risks during processing, transportation and storage.

Beverage Container Coatings

Packaging Coatings for the interior and exterior of two-piece beverage cans (aluminium and steel), aluminium bottles, beverage end, and exterior tabs. These include solvent-based and UV-curable rim coatings for retort and non-retort applications.

Food Can Coatings

Packaging Coatings for the interior and exterior of two- and three-piece food cans, including easy-open ends (EOE) internal and external systems, shallow and deep drawn cans, plus liquid and powder side seam stripes.

Aerosol and Specialty Can Coatings

Coatings for the interior and exterior of aerosol, paint and speciality cans (such as trays, tins and oil cans) for food, household, and personal care products.

Tube and Monobloc Coatings

Coatings for the interior and exterior of aluminium monobloc aerosols and collapsible tubes. External UV lacquer for plastic, and laminate tubes for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Drum and Pail Coatings

This product line includes conventional, high solids, powder and water-based technologies to meet manufacturers’ specific food and non-food requirements for steel drums, pails, closing rings, flanges, and plugs.

Barrel Coatings

MS barrels are an eco-friendly packaging medium for storing and transporting a variety of items including petroleum products, lubricating oils, chemicals, food and pharmaceutical products, hazardous materials, etc. They can also be easily recycled and reconditions. Special packaging requirements could be met through suitable inner coating and linings.

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