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Areas Of Application

  • Industrial & Domestic Chimmneys
  • Industrial & Domestic Boilers
  • Industrail Ovens
  • Automotive & Generator Silencers


The surface must be clean and dry, free from grease, rust and dirt. Protect adjoining surfaces from overspray. Shake can for at least three minutes before use and regularly during use. Lower temperatures and high humidity will slow the drying and affect the gloss level. Avoid spraying when air or surface temperature is below 10 C or above 30 C. Apply with several light mist coats, two minutes apart, until desired colour is achieved. Let the coating dry for 1 hour. Then expose to high heat (160 C – 200 C) for 1 hour. This will harden the coating.


  • Best used where high-temperature metal resistance is vital, such as engine manifolds, mufflers, incinerators, space heaters, outside of barbecues, fireplaces etc
  • Offers excellent resistance to gasoline, rust, salt sprays, oils, greases, humidity and temperatures up to 1200 F (649 C)
  • Use on interior and exterior applications
  • Once cured, this product is extremely tough, offering a hardened surface coating resistant to corrosion and pitting of the surface it covers
  • May be used on all exposed metal surfaces, particularly where high-temperature metal resistance paint is required

A specially formulated bituminous paint with black pigmentation meant for application on metal surfaces exposed to services temperature up to 250 C. Its has excellent adhesion to steel and it protects the surface from atmospheric corrosion, chemical fumes, and industrial gases. It has a good adhesion property & adheres to surfaces that are difficult to adhere. It also gives good anti-corrosive property & can be applied as a boiler paint.

Taralac High-Temperature coating is based on silicon modified Resins. Brilliant lustre, excellent durability and corrosion resistance are the other main properties of Taralac HR Paint. It is supplied in a single pack system. Taralac HR Paint is fast drying and has excellent adhesion, hardness and flexibility and also good water resistance. Taralac Aluminum Paint is suitable for surfaces susceptible to atmosphere corrosion and in environments where good durability is required. Good heat-resisting properties and high covering capacity coupled with long life make this paint the most desired coating from the point of view of economy and performance. The paint is widely used for steel structures such as Chimneys, Boilers, Ovens, Furnace Parts, Automobile Exhaust, Etc A single package medium to the high-temperature coating that withstands temperature up to 525 F (274 C). For the protection of the exterior of equipment such as stacks, cat crackers boilers, heat exchangers and other steel surfaces which operate from 200-525 F (93 -274 C).

Products :

This product is also similar to the above product & with higher high-temperature coating property.

Suitable for use on hot metal stacks, furnace equipment, kiln flues, exhaust systems, hot pipes and similar areas exposed to dry heat attack.

We have developed a special high-temperature paint to resist the temperature up to 850 C. The test certificates are under process.

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Taralac Heat Resistance Coating
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