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Coating of plastics (FRP, GRP, PP, ABS)

Applying of Liquid Coatings on plastic can be real nightmare due to less surface activity of the plastic polymers. But these days with extensive research & developments lot of coatings are developed that can be applied on plastics of various types, for their aesthetic looks & to protect from external degradations. We at TARALAC supply liquid coating of various types that can be applied on various plastics. Often, plastic materials will require coatings or markings to enhance their function or appeal. Designers and manufacturers of technical coatings routinely experience unique challenges when dealing with plastics due to their chemical and physical nature.

Various types of coatings done on Plastics

  • Liquid Coating
  • Vacuum Metalizing
  • Powder coating

Our Products for application on Plastics

Depending on the type of finishing, type of Plastic & Applications the below mentioned products can be applied on the Plastics.

  • Putty (NC Putty, Polyester Putty, Light weight body filler, Epoxy Putty)

  • Primers (Epoxy Primer, NC Primers, Syn. Primers, PU Primers, etc.)

  • Paint (Epoxy, NC, Syn. Paints, PU Paints, etc.)

  • Adhesion Promoter (Plastic Primer)

  • Thinners

Benefits of Applying Liquid coating on Plastics

  • In the automobile industry, the trend is to produce less expensive, lighter, and stronger components that appeal to the aesthetic tastes of the consumer that can be solved by plastic's coated with paints.
  • Appliance manufacturers produce units that have non-metallic casings and components that provide superior durability and function relative to their older counterparts.
  • Composite materials are currently used to manufacture furniture including the use of laminate sheeting that provides the beauty and feel of real wood.
  • Cassettes and enclosures are manufactured for the safe storage of static sensitive electronic components
  • Eyeglass lenses are produced and sold to wearers that are lighter, safer upon impact, and highly resistant to scratching.
  • From automobiles, to appliances, to furniture, to electronics, to eyeglasses, and beyond, plastics represent materials that increasingly impact many facets of everyday life.
  • Superior coverage on inside corners and hard to reach places
  • Custom matching is available
  • Smoother, more uniform finish

Other areas where our Coatings on Plastics Are done

  • Helmet Coating
  • Bike & Scooter Accessories
  • Car (Dashboards, Bumpers & Accessories)
  • FRP Articles (Light Poles, Electric Boxes)
  • Water & Chemical Outer Tank Coatings
  • Mobile Cover Coating
  • Decorative Articles
  • Mannequins for display's
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