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Automotive paint is paint used on automobiles for both protection and decoration purposes. The automotive industry sets high performance standards for the corrosion, chemical and mechanical resistance of a multitude of parts and now with many years of experience in development and manufacturing we are among the leading supplier for such requirements in the Indian market. We have a complete range of products that caters to all kinds of refinishing needs right from metal preparation to final polishing.

Application wise description of Taralac Product

Car & Luxury Vehicle Coatings – Refinish

Coating of car's or any Luxury vehicles need extra care & high accuracy, Coating varies from NC finishes to PU Finishes. The art of vehicle refinishing demands the very best products and a commitment to total customer support. At TARALAC, our close interactions with our customers provides us with the information we need to continuously innovate. From coating systems offering an array of paint colors and tints to color matching and application know-how, the refinish craft requires a blend of skills that must come together to provide a result that meets customer approval each and every time. TARALAC provides refinish coating systems for passenger and commercial vehicles that enables the refinish shop to meet this demanding goal.

The process starts with the coatings themselves. Our refinish products, ranging from surface preparation to undercoats, basecoats and high gloss clearcoats-are each formulated to meet the needs of body shops operating in different climates and coating different substrates such as metals, plastic and the newest composite materials.

Automotive OEM Coatings

Automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coatings include coatings used for cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, agriculture, construction & earth moving equipment’s and other such applications.

TARALAC offers a portfolio of innovative technologies for variety of coatings on the vehicle - primer, Solid and Metallic Base Coats, 1K Basecoat, 2K Clearcoat, High Performance Clearcoats, and many other specialty & customized products. We provide excellent service and support, executed through in-house state-of-the-art R&D.

Commercial & utility vehicle coatings

Commercial vehicles such as Trucks, LCV, HCV, Pickup Vehicles are very much roughly used & are very much uncared types of vehicles. They are prone to highest minor or major accidents or scratches. Whatever may be the robustness of the coating the are prone to be damaged & hence needed to be recoated. The coating in such cases should be cheap, easily recoatable, fast curing, good anti corrosive & even giving good aesthetic value.

Bus Body Paint

Bus although is a commercial vehicle is coming under different category as it requires both looks as well as easier recoatibility. The body is made of Galvanized (GI) sheets which are difficult to coat, as adhesion of paints is difficult in GI sheets. The bus bodies are to be coated both internally & externally. Anticorrosive coatings are applied on the chassis & the internal parts & Decorative coatings on the external parts. We at TARALAC have the whole range of products ranging form Base Coats to Topcoats relating to bus body paint.

Two-Wheeler Coatings (Bikes & Cycle Coatings)

Very little quantity of paint is required in two wheelers, but if you consider the accessories you can access that, coatings are applied in Helmets, storage box, Mudguards & spares, in two-wheeler coatings a lot of coatings are required. Most of the coatings are applied on fibre or plastic parts & hence, Coating application systems are developed for the plastic coatings.

Wheel Rim Coatings

Wheel rim are the most effected parts of the vehicle as it has to bear highest abrasion of dirt, dust & moisture & are usually coated in silver paints that are highly resistant to corrosion.

Agricultural, Construction & Earthmoving Equipment (ACE)

Operation and servicing in diverse climatic conditions across the world makes asset protection, aesthetic consistency, and durability critical issues for those in the ACE industry. Choosing the right coating in the first instance can often impact long term returns as well as in-service performance – issues close to the heart of any organization.

A lot of innovative single pack and products have been developed to reduce the cost & ease of application.
Our new single coat, direct-to-metal technologies or two coat systems which deliver valuable propositions, whilst driving down overall production costs.

Engine & Spares Coating

Coatings of engine & spares are equally important as the effectiveness of these parts would result in vehicle running smoothly. Many engines parts are made of CI (Cast Iron) which are prone to corrosion very fast. To protect it must be coated immediately after the parts are machined & the coatings should have high value corrosion protection. Also, the adhesion value should be high. For that purpose we have developed apart from routine coating, single pack epoxies & Polyurethane coatings, which are easy to apply & also very cost effective & can give the salt spray resistance to a minimum of 300 hrs.

Engine & Spares coating generally requires self-priming coating to make the work easier & faster, hence we have developed 1K Epoxy, 1K PU paints & Stoving paints for the purpose.

Helmet & Bike Accessories Coating

Plastic exterior, trim parts, finish the final look of the vehicle and are typically painted at Automotive

OEM sub-assembly suppliers. More details can be available for plastic coatings in our plastic coating segment.

Taralac strives to provide the lowest risk and highest yield rate for these global Automotive Parts and Accessories customers.

Railways coatings

The extensive product program contains a variety of products resulting in cost optimized solutions. From 1K priming, 1K finish coating on alkyd resin basis up to 2K epoxy primer, 2K PU finish coatings and highly resistant 2K clear varnishes.

Most ideal Coating systems for passenger coaches and freight wagons coatings are 2K epoxy primer and 2K polyurethane finish coatings.

Apart from the coating systems for passenger coaches we have developed an extensive product range for freight wagons. Beginning with 1K products for a low-cost repair up to high-quality epoxy high-built systems which are suitable for food transportation.

Defence Coatings

This functional market requires a high expertise of the coating manufacturer. Thus, in the focus of the product philosophy are reliability, effectiveness, modularity, and long-term availability of the systems.
1 AUTOMOTIVE OEM COATINGS Rust Converter & Sanding or 7 Tank Process Stoving Primers or Epxoy Primers PU Paint / Acrylic Base Coat Paint PU Clears
2 CAR COATING - REFINISH Rust Converter & Sanding Epoxy ZCP Primer, PU Primers, NC Primers etc PU Paint / Acrylic Base Coat Paint PU Clears
3 COMMERCIAL VEHICLE Rust Converter Epoxy ZCP Primer, 2k PU Primers, NC Primer, 1k Epoxy Primer, 1k PU Primer PU Paint / Auto FD Paint
4 BUS COATING Rust Converter Epoxy ZCP Primer, PU Primers, NC Primers etc PU Paint / Auto FD Paint / Acrylic Base Paint, PU GP Paint PU Clears
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